Getting Started

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Cornish Barn Tour – June 2010                                          Photo by Kathie Fife Photography

Where To Get Help

The Preservation Alliance's Historic Barn Assessment Grant Program
When it comes to figuring out what to do with an historic barn, you're not alone. The Historic Barn Assessment Grant Program was created by the Preservation Alliance, in conjunction with the Division of Historical Resources and the New Hampshire Historic Agricultural Structures Advisory Committee, to help barn owners assess the needs of their historic structures. The program offers competitive matching grants of $250 or $400 to hire a barn assessment consultant who determines what's required to stabilize, repair and reuse the structure. The resulting assessment report is a wonderful planning tool to help set preservation goals.

A list of approved barn preservation contractors, who will do assessments on a fee basis, is also available by request.

To download an application, click here, or contact Beverly Thomas, Program Director, at (603) 224-2281.

Click here to download the Farm Reconnaissance Form (must submit with grant application).

Historic Barn Tax Incentive
DISCRETIONARY PRESERVATION EASEMENTS: A Property Tax Incentive Mechanism to Help Save Historic New Hampshire Agricultural Buildings

A 2002 state law, RSA 79-D, creates a mechanism to encourage the preservation of historic New Hampshire barns and other agricultural buildings by authorizing municipalities to grant property tax relief to barn owners who (a) can demonstrate the public benefit of preserving their barns or other historic farm buildings, and (b) agree to maintain their structures throughout a minimum 10-year preservation easement.

A guide to the tax incentive, including the text of the law and an application, can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. For more information about this program visit the Division of Historical Resources or contact the Preservation Alliance.

Our Survey Says
Before barns are saved, it helps to know how many still exist. By filling out a barn survey for your barn, or a friend's barn, and sending it to the NH Division of Historical Resources, you'll be helping to keep track of these New Hampshire treasures. Better yet, get your community together and do group surveys of all the barns in your area. Click here to get the form.

Join the Preservation Alliance
Joining the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance will give you access to a wealth of barn information and discounts to events, tours and the NH Old House & Barn Expo. Join here.

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