Frequently Asked Questions About Barns

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Langwood Farm, Cornish

Langwood Farm, Cornish, photo by Kathie Fife Photography

What grants are available for saving my barn?
Currently, there is no funding available for hands-on reconstruction or rehabilitation. The NH Division of Historical Resources had been fortunate to offer two rounds of funding for barn reconstruction, but that source of funding is no longer available. We are investigating sources of new funding.

The Preservation Alliance offers a Historic Barn Assessment Grant, which is a competitive, matching grant program. It provides matching funds for an expert in the field of barn restoration to comprehensively assess a structure's needs and prepare a report. Again, the Assessment Grant does not provide funds for actual hands-on reconstruction. To download an application click here, or contact Beverly Thomas, Program Associate, at (603) 224-2281.

What is the historic barn tax incentive/RSA 79-D/discretionary preservation easement?
State law, RSA 79-D, authorizes towns to grant property tax relief to barn owners who a) can demonstrate the public benefit of preserving their barns or other farm buildings and b) agree to maintain their structures throughout a minimum 10-year preservation easement. Applications are reviewed by the local board of selectmen (or similar body) and if they determine that the proposed preservation of the structure is consistent with the purpose of the law, they may acquire an easement on the structure for a minimum of 10 years and grant tax relief within a range of 25-75%.

A guide to the tax incentive, including the text of the law and an application, can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

Do you have a list of barn reconstruction professionals?

The Preservation Alliance maintains a list of barn preservation contractors whose work we are familiar with. We are also looking to expand the coverage of our list, particularly in northern NH. Contractors are added to the list after the Preservation Alliance reviews past work and contacts references. The Preservation Alliance maintains the list for informational purposes only and does not guarantee work performance. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the list or being added as a barn contractor, please Contact Us.

How can I keep up to date on grants and programs for barns?
Join the Preservation Alliance's Old House & Barn Network. We'll share breaking news regarding grants, legislation and special events. Call us at (603) 224-2281 or sign up using our Join Us form (be sure to click Barn Network under Advocacy Groups, you do not need to be a member to join the list)

When will the next barn reconstruction workshop be offered?
If you are on our Old House & Barn email network, we'll keep you posted. Otherwise, keep checking our Events Calendar. Barn-related events from across the state and around New England will be posted there.

What other tools are available?
Visit Tools for Preserving Barns at the NH Division of Historical Resources.