Make a Difference

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With Seven to Save recently announced, Make A Difference Day in the national news, and Thanksgiving within sight, we offer two lists of seven!  Take a look at thing YOU CAN  DO:

Seven Benefits of Preservation:

  1. Connects us to the past to build the future
  2. Creates and supports well-paying, local jobs
  3. Strengthens existing downtowns, neighborhoods and village centers
  4. Attracts new residents, businesses and heritage visitors who stay longer and spend more
  5. Promotes health by avoiding synthetic building materials
  6. Offers energy-savings opportunities and recycling on a large scale
  7. Brings people together around values of community and special places

 Seven Things YOU CAN DO!

  1. Appreciate the historic buildings and other structures that define your community. Consider what’s at risk. Talk to your family or neighbors about what’s important to save for the future.
  2. Educate yourself. Attend a workshop, class or lecture. Read books and magazines. Visit websites such as, or
  3. Invest in preservation at home and at work. Improve building energy efficiency by adding insulation, re-tuning historic windows and minimizing reliance on fossil fuels. Find local contractors in our online Preservation Directory.
  4. Volunteer and help support preservation by serving on the heritage commission, historic district commission, energy committee, library board, school committee, cemetery commission, downtown organization or non-profit housed in a historic structure.
  5. Act locally. Purchase goods and services from Main Street retailers or those who occupy historic buildings. Nominate a property to the Alliance’s Seven to Save list or for a Statewide Preservation Award. Let people know you value and appreciate their good stewardship of historic buildings.
  6. Advocate and help shape public policy. Ask candidates for local, state and national office about their preservation, energy and community development priorities. Write letters to the editor in support of preservation. Vote!
  7. Contribute. Support the Preservation Alliance by becoming a member or renewing your support. Give to local preservation efforts. Buy a “Moose Plate” conservation license plate.