LCHIP Reports $2.7 Million in Requests for Preservation and Conservation

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The Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) announces that 51 proposals were submitted by the grant application deadline Friday September 7 at noon. The total amount requested is $2.7 million.

 “LCHIP is delighted that so many applicants are aware of the availability of funding.” says LCHIP Board Chair Rusty McLear. “We are able to hold this $500,000 grant round with money that became available when funds were unexpectedly returned to the program.”

The state budget adopted for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 (July 2011 – June 2013) does not include any funds for LCHIP grants.

McLear continues: “A recent survey by UNH shows that 97% of New Hampshire voters support putting state money into land conservation and historic preservation. The response to this grant round is another indication of how eager New Hampshire people are to protect our historic and natural resources. Such resources define our communities and make New Hampshire such a special place to live, work and visit.”

The applications include 40 historic buildings and 11 land conservation projects totaling 4,325 acres.   Proposed projects are found in 33 towns and 6 cities and in each of the ten counties of the state. Grant requests range from $1000 to $150,000. The total value of the proposed projects is $26.6 million, a substantial increase over the 1:1 match that LCHIP requires and an indication of the contribution land conservation and historic preservation make to the state and local economies.

 The New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program is an independent state authority that provides matching grants to New Hampshire communities and non-profits in an effort to protect and preserve the state’s most important natural, cultural and historic resources. Its legislatively mandated mission is to ensure the perpetual contribution of these resources to the economy, environment and the quality of life in New Hampshire. LCHIP funds have helped 141 New Hampshire communities conserve 300,000 acres and 126 historic structures and sites to date, investing $27 million and leveraging more than $236 million in total project value. For more information about LCHIP visit or call (603) 224-4113.