Check out the Alliance's 2012 Annual Report

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A message from Jennifer Goodman, executive director and Michael Bruss, chairman of the Board of Directors, 2009-12:

The N.H. Preservation Alliance is very pleased to share our FY 2012 success in saving special places, advancing public policy, and serving as a convener for new and long-time constituents. We expanded our base of support and posted strong financial results as well. This report highlights our accomplishments as catalysts for community leaders getting to “yes” on heritage projects, advisors helping homeowners make sound investments in their homes, and mentors for activists who are embracing the preservation of local heritage.

Please check our annual report for more.

We were honored to receive the Citizens Bank New Hampshire and WMUR-TV 2012 Champion in Action® award for Neighborhood Development. It recognizes our effectiveness in finding new uses for historic properties, stimulating local investment, creating jobs, bringing people together and inspiring ongoing community development activities and provides support and outreach opportunities. Our recently updated strategic plan reminds us that we have many opportunities ahead. Requests for assistance continue to grow with individuals and groups seeking help with the impacts of large and small-scale development proposals on historic places, stewardship solutions for owners of long-held properties, effective weatherization strategies and many other issues.

Our 2013-15 plan builds on our solid base of existing programs, credibility and sound management over time and sets goals of increasing investment in landmarks, downtown and historic landscapes by enhancing our resources, improving preservation policies, and expanding our membership base 30% by 2015. Your renewed your support and on-going suggestions are important to us as we face these new preservation challenges together. We pledge to continue to be responsive to the preservation needs of this state, to invest in people and communities, and to build strong and effective partnerships that help preserve and protect New Hampshire’s special places for the future.