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 westmoreland theatre curtain

c.1940 painted theatre curtain, artist Everett Warner, Westmoreland, NH.

Photo by Chris Hadsel. Courtesy Curtains Without Borders.

Preserving New Hampshire's historic places protects the distinct character of our communities and helps our local economies. The Preservation Alliance will put your contribution to work right away. We plan to help over 100 preservation projects across the state this year, develop new tools for endangered properties and reach out to new audiences.  We will continue to promote barn preservation, the use of easements, help communities in the North Country, and connect land conservation, energy and preservation interests.

Your donation makes a difference. Hundreds of new and long-time friends contribute an annual gift to our general operations, one-on-one field service, or old house and barn program with an investment over and above memberships. Help us protect the New Hampshire that you love and make a gift today online, through email or call Jennifer Goodman or Virginia Davidson at (603) 224-2281.