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Looking for a special gift this season? Please shop online and pay with PayPal or scroll to the bottom of this page to order by mail or phone. Thank you for supporting preservation in New Hampshire by shopping with us!

Gift Memberships

One year gift membership with a Preservation Alliance travel mug, coffee mug, apron or tote bag. A one-year membership in the Preservation Alliance brings our quarterly newsletter, announcements and discounts on our behind-the-scenes tours and workshops, and supports our challenging advocacy and education work.  $40

One year gift membership with your choice of James Garvin's A Building History of Northern New England or Tom Hubka's Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn. A one-year membership in the Preservation Alliance brings our quarterly newsletter, announcements and discounts on our behind-the-scenes tours and workshops, and supports our challenging advocacy and education work. $50

NEW ITEM: Preservation Briefs Set

Sure to bring a smile is this new holiday gift, a special pairing of blue-and-white plaid preservation briefs and your choice of a print-out of a National Park Service Preservation Brief.  Choose from a list of 47 topics on preserving and rehabilitating aspects of historic buildings and size. $20 for set includes shipping. Call 603-224-2281 or email to place your order.

Thanks to Eric Palson, Pat Meyers and others for inspiration and production assistance.







Preservation Alliance Preserves

A jar or two of Preservation Preserves will sweeten your favorite preservationist's toast or sandwich. The popular fruit jams are produced in partnership with a local New Hampshire farm. 

$5 for 8 oz, $3 for 2.5 oz - plus shipping (contact the Alliance at 603 224 2281 for shipping arrangements)

Thanks to Eric Paulson, Pat Meyers,  Apple Hill Farm and others for inspiration and production assistance.



Moose Plates - Conserving the Best of New Hampshire!


All funds raised through the purchase of Moose Conservation and Heritage License Plates are used for the promotion, protection and investment in New Hampshire's natural, cultural and historic resources. Click here to learn more and to purchase a Moose Plate.




Weatherization kit

Window Weatherization Kit
Our Window Weatherization Kit includes the necessary products to help tighten up your drafty wood windows while preserving their historic charm. The kit includes best practice tips, resource materials, and a one-year membership to the NH Preservation Alliance offering discounts to our programs and workshops. A perfect gift to help keep your old house friends warm this winter! ($50 + $5 shipping)



Preserving Old Barns: Preventing the Loss of a Valuable Resource
John Porter and Francis Gilman
University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension 
Generously illustrated in color and black and white. Softcover. 62 pages. 
$15 (+$2 shipping), $13.50 for members (+ $2 shipping)

Learn about the history and architectural features of New Hampshire's barns, structural repair and restoration, how to go about maintaining a barn, disassembling and reassembling a barn as well as additional resources and references.







 Granite Kiss

The Granite Kiss: Traditions & Techniques of Building New England Stone Walls
Kevin Gardner
Countryman Press. Softcover. 198 pages.
$20 (+2 shipping), $18 for members (+ $2 shipping)

Traditions and techniques of building New England stone walls, steps, and walkways; their history and maintenance. A handsome and useful guide. 

A Building History of Northern New England
James Garvin, NH State Architectural Historian
University Press of New England
Illustrated. Softcover. 200 pages
$28 (+$2 shipping), $25 for members (+ $2 shipping)

A handsome and useful book, extraordinarily well written. Written for the homeowner as well as the professional, the book explains original construction methods and materials, which often remain the most appropriate today. You owe it to yourself - and your historic structure - to read this before renovation or restoration.

New Hampshire Architecture: An Illustrated Guide
Bryant F. Tolles
Softcover. 394 pages. Illustrated.
$20 (+$2 shipping), $18 for members (+ $2 sho

The popular guide to the Granite State's rich architectural heritage with examples from most communities.

Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn:
The Connected Farm Buildings of New England
Twentieth Anniversary Edition
With a new preface by the author
Thomas C. Hubka
University Press of New England 225 pages.
Illustrated. Softcover.
$28 (+$2 shipping), $25 for members (+$2 shipping)

The twentieth anniversary edition of the classic architectural study of the connected farm buildings of New England. This book examines the stately and beautiful connected farm buildings made by nineteenth-century New Englanders that stand today as a living expression of a rural culture, offering insights into the people who made them and their agricultural way of life.

The book is a model of vernacular architecture scholarship.


The Little House
Virginia Lee Burton
Illustrated. Softcover. 
$7 (+$1 shipping), $6 for members (+$1 shipping)

Encourage the young preservationists in your life!  This classic prize-winning story of a country house gradually engulfed by the city makes a thoughtful gift. Paper.  


Debby Atwell 
Illustrated. Softcover.  31 pages.
$7 (+$1 shipping), $6 for members (+$1 shipping)

For children of all ages. A Yankee barn watches 200 years of history unfold, while the barn remains timeless.

Save Your Wood Windows
John Leeke, Preservation Consultant 
60 pages. Illustrated. Softcover.
$15 (+$2 shipping), $13.50 for members (+$2 shipping)

An illustrated guide that teaches the most practical and economic methods of window maintenance and repair. With specific step-by-step instructions, for treatments such as planning your project, repairing sash, replacing sills, and much more. Also provides background on how windows are constructed and a list of resources and suppliers. 

What Style Is It?
Extensive photographs, glossary. Softcover. 152 pages.
$20 (+$2 shipping), $18 for members (+$2 shipping)

A guide to American architecture-when was it built? Why does it look that way?

Guidelines for Porch Repair and Replacement: A Handbook for Property Owners
City of Portland Historic Preservation Office
25 pages. Black & white illustrations.
$7 (+$2 shipping), $6 for members (+$2 shipping)

This excellent guidebook is loaded with photos and easy to understand drawings and dimensional cross sections.  It is designed to help property owners and caretakers of historic homes with best practices of repair or replacement of a porch.

Painting Historic Exteriors: A Resource Guide
Cambridge Historical Commission
54 pages. Black & white illustrations.
$15 (+$2 shipping), $13.50 for members (+$2 shipping)

A guide to architectural styles and appropriate historic paint colors, as well as to all of the methods of application, use of multiple colors, accent colors. Lead abatement.  Bibliography.

Preserving Community Character: Preservation Planning Handbook for New Hampshire
New Hampshire Preservation Alliance
Black & white illustrations and photographs. 

CD Rom only. 
$5 (+$1 shipping) 

Practical advice, good models, links to further information on nearly every page regarding the functions and operations of historic districts and heritage commissions, various ordinances to manage growth and preservation tools such as surveys and easements.

The History and Economics of the New Hampshire Dairy Industry
John Porter
120 pages. Color and black & white illustrations.
$15 (+$2 shipping)



$10 (plus $2 shipping)







Coffee Mug 

$5 (plus $2 shipping)




 Tote Bag 

$12 (plus $2 shipping)





 Travel Mug 

$8 (plus $2 shipping)