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Thanks to our donors for their generous support of our past Annual Fund.

To make a contribution to our Annual Fund, please click here.

Major Donors
Colin and Paula Cabot
Mr. Gregory Flowers
Peter and Jane Kitchel McLaughlin
Sen. Martha Fuller Clark and Dr. Geoffrey Clark


Mr. Tom Haas

Mr. Alan Lewis

Ms. Colleen O’Neill

Barbara and David Roby


Stewardship Circle

Ms. Nicole Faulkner

Jeananne and Bob Farrar

John and Nancy Merkle

Ms. Harriet B. McGraw

Patricia S. Meyers

Mr. Michael Duffy and Mr. Stephen Cornish

Harvey and Christine Hill

Mr. Fred Roedel

Mr. Carl Schmidt

Kenneth and Anna Viscarello

Mr. Francis Williams



Mrs. William E. C. Bulkeley

Ms. Deborah DuSault

Mr. Frederick Farrar

Charles and Charlotte Faulkner

Dr. and Mrs. James L. Garvin

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gilbert

Rep. David W. Hess

Ms. Etoile Heifner Holzaepfel

Nicholas and Tricia Mitchell

Christopher and Deborah Rogers

Mr. Charles Sullivan

Mr. Steve Taylor

Michael and Marie Tule

Mr. and Mrs. William Veillette

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey von Kuhn



Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aliber

Daniel and Jacqueline Ayer

Ms. Marion Austin

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bastedo

Ms. Katherine Bogle Shields and Mr. Michael Shields

Ms. Judy Day and Mr. Larry Miller

Mr. Russ Dean

Ms. Alice L. DeSouza

Mr. Beau Gillespie and Ms. Malaise Lindenfeld

Rachel and John Grogan

Ms. Mary Ireland

Elaine and Jan Kaczmarek

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Longacre

Kenneth and Linda Miller

Mr. Rick Oas

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Penfield

Mr & Mrs. Charles A. Platt

Mr. Wallace P. Rhodes

Dr. Denise Rousseau

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart V. Smith



Mr. James G. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Allen

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Allen

Mr. Peter Ames

Mr. Harry Andersen

Ms. Andi Axman and Mr. Mark Goldstein

Clete and Anne Baier

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Baker

Mr. R.B. Barnes

Drs. John & Julie Bassi

Mr. Spencer Batchelder

Mr. Hollis Brodrick

Jan and Ronald Brown

Fred and Linda Brownson

Arthur and Diana Burdette

Mr. Lawrence Burleigh

Katy and Don Burns

Dr. Richard M. Candee

Ms. Edith Celley

Ms. Helen Chapell

Robert S. Chase

Ms. Jean Chester

David and Elizabeth Choate

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cleveland

Ms. Patricia Cobb

Timothy and Lynn Cook

Ms. Patricia Cooke

Charlotte and Herbert Cooper

Mr. Michael Corey

Raymond and Olga Cote

Capt. and Mrs. Howard S. Crosby

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dinkel

Ms. Alexandra Breed and Mr. Douglas Hill

Mr. and Mrs. William Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dunn

Cedric Dustin III

Rev. and Mrs. Richard Dutton

Mr. Stephen W. Ensign

Ms. Donna Etela

The Rev. John Miles Evans

Ms. Jane Fant

Mr. Philip H. Faulkner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fenollosa

Mr. and Mrs. David French

Ms. Melinda Gehris and Mr. Richard Head

Mr.and Mrs. Mark Goldman

Ms. Jennifer Goodman and Mr. Fred Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hager

Mr. and Mrs. Judson D. Hale, Sr.

Hon. Christine Hamm

Mr. and Mrs. John Harrigan

Mr. Hollis E. Harrington Jr

Mr. and Mrs. John Harris

Mr. Michael Harvell

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill

Mary Jane Hoey

Mr. Carl Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jacobs, Jr.

Mr. Lenn Johnson

Ms. Megan Burke Kidder

Ms. Barbara Kreisler

Ms. Nancy Lambert & Dr.

Martin Lee

Carol & Drew Landry

Mr. William Lasch

Ms. Mary Leadbeater and Mr. Michael Strack

Mr. Pierre Lessard and Ms. Barbara Roy

Brig. General Samuel K. Lessey Jr.

Ms. Jeannine Levesque

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lewis

Mike and Diane Lo Re

Mr. James Logan

Ms. Val Long

Mr. Douglas McDonald and Ms. Lesa Lakeman-McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. W. David Malcolm

Jacqueline and Christopher Marshall

Ms. Lisa Mausolf

Mr. Peter McDermott

Michael and Mary McLaughlin

Hon. Amanda Merrill

Anne D. Milne

Ms. Sylvia Miskoe

Nancy and Peter Mogielnicki

Ms. Anne Montgomery

Ms. Lise Moran

Ms. Joan Desmarais and Mr. Douglas Copeley

Ms. Lucia Kittredge and Mr. Cleve Kapala

Mr. Michael Dell’Orto and Ms. Jacqueline Kahle

Mr. David Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newbold

Ms. Lucille C. Noel

Ms. Kathie Northrup

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nylander

Ms. Jean O’Donnell

Mr. David Ottinger

Mr. Dean Owens

Mrs. Nancy Paskowski and Mr.William Prentiss

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Payson

Amb. and Mrs. J. C. Petrone

Preston and Carolyn Reed

Mr. Carlton Rezendes

Ms. Jane Rice

Mrs. F. Lee Richards

Chet and Diane Riley

Julia and Stephen Roberts

Ms. Teresa Rosenberger

Mr. Kenny Rotner

Bill and Jill Schoonmaker

Mr. Timothy Scott and Mrs. Alison Scheiderer

Jayme and Laura Simoes

Mr. Robert Solomon

Mr. James Somes

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Soper

Mr. Kenneth Stewart and Ms. Mary Lou Caffrey

Ms. Lisa Stewart

Mr. Will Stratton

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Swan

Mrs. O. Alan Thulander

Dr. & Mrs. Bryant F. Tolles, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Toothaker

Virginia and Melbern True

Juls and Paul Twombley

Dr. Linda Upham-Bornstein and Mr. Peter Bornstein

Nick and Mary Ann Vailas

Ms. Laurie Wadsworth

Dr. Charles Ward

Ms. Margaret Watkins

John and Patricia Weeks

Bob and Binney Wells

Bruce and Betsy Whitmore

Ben and Lucy Wilson

Mr. Marshall Winokur

Mrs. Stephen Winship

Ms. Janet Withington

Ms. Cindy Wojcicki

Dr. James Wolcott and Ms. Jocelyn Jerry-Wolcott

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wolf

Ms. Nancy Wolf

Dr. Stacey Yap

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Young

Mr. and Mrs. Kimon Zachos

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zankel


Thanks to our Business and Foundation Sponsors and Partners

Leadership Sponsors

The Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of the N.H. Charitable Foundation


The Byrne Foundation

Ian Blackman LLC, Restoration and Preservation

Bedard Preservation & Restoration LLC

Fifield Building Restoration & Relocation LLC

Gilbert Verney Foundation*

The Lewis Family Foundation

The McIninch Foundation

Preservation Timber Framing

The Putnam Foundation

Terra Nova Trust Of The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Vintage Kitchens, LLC



Ahlgren & Son Builders

Preservation Company

Milestone Engineering & Construction, Inc.

Merrimack County Savings Bank

ReVision Energy LLC

Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green

Christopher P. Williams Architects



The Anagnost Companies

The Bagan Foundation

Eames Partnership


Elizabeth Durfee Hengen, Preservation Consultant

Equity Trust

Ingram Construction Group*

The Ironwood Foundation, Inc.

Lavallee | Brensinger Architects

Northland Forest Products

The Rowley Agency

Samyn-D’Elia Architects, PA

Scully Architects*

Sheldon Pennoyer Architects*

Twin Elms Landscape, LLC



Antique Homes Magazine

Artistic Tile, LLC

Bartlett Tree Experts

BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC

Dakota Partners, Inc.

Dennis Mires, PA, The Architects

Harvey Construction Group

Hawk Planning Resources LLC

HEB Engineers, Inc.

Historic Homes, Inc.

Hutter Construction

Innerglass Window Systems, Inc.

Irish Electric Corp.

Iron Horse Standing Seam Roofing Co. Inc.

James Rodrigues Hardscapes

Mascoma Savings Bank

North Branch Construction, Inc.

Norton Asset Managment

Owen Associates Inc.

Lake Sunapee Bank

Gerard A. Leone Slate & Copper Roofing

Liberty Hill Construction, LLC

The Lumber Barn

Tim Sappington*

Seacoast Mills, Inc.

The Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust

SMP Architecture

Steppingstones Masonry

Summit Wealth Group

TMS Architects, PA

Turnstone Corporation

Udelsman Associates

UK Architects, PC

WarrenStreet Architects

Wooden Window Restoration and Repair



Alexandra Hadik

Ames Farm Inn

A Merrie Sweep Chimney Service

Arnold M. Graton Associates Inc.

Bagala Window Works

Building Energy Technologies

Cobb Hill Construction

Dawson Begley Design

Engineering Ventures, Inc.

Erie Landmark

Finegold Alexander + Associates

First Period Colonial Preservation/Restoration

Groundroot Preservation

HEB Engineers, Inc.

Historic Window and Door Corporation

Historic Sashworks, LLC

R. H. Irving Home Builders

Jeffrey Taylor Associates

JLT Painting

Kas-Bar Realty, Inc.

Louis Karno and Company

Morgan’s Way*

Randall T. Mudge & Associates

The Pumpkin Hill Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

New Hampshire Historic Sash & Window

Michael J. Smith Plastering

Pendlebury Masonry LLC

Port One Architects, Inc.

The Augustus Saint-Gaudens Memorial

Starck Housejoiners Inc.

Sunrise Woodworks

Twin Elms Landscape

Woods & Co. Civil Engineering



Please consider using one of our members when in need of goods or services