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Here are some frequently-requested documents that we hope you find useful.

Organizational documents

2009 Annual Report

2009 Financial

Book list

Directory Application


NHPA Pledge Form

Preservation Movement Map

2013 Seven to Save Nomination Form


Old House and Barn Resources

2009 Revised Window Tip Sheet

Barn Assessment Grant Application 

Barn Survey

Barn Tax Incentive Packet

Barn Types

Energy Costs in an Old House

Old House Weatherization Tips

Preservation Easements - What is a Historic Preservation Easement?

                                      What Does a Preservation Easement Protect?

Simply Way to Date Your Barn


Community Landmarks Resources

2012 Building Assessment Grant Application Guidelines

Architectural Terms

Architectural Styles

Awards 1989-2009

Energy Efficiency Tips by Noelle Lord


Getting Started with Your Old Building

Grant Examples

National Register

Preservation Services Grant Application


Community-Wide Preservation Planning

Organizing for Preservation

RSA79E Info Sheet A

RSA79E Info Sheet B

Who's Taking Care of Your Town's History? - Stratham Part I

Who's Taking Care of Your Town's History? -Stratham Part II


General Preservation Information

Preservation Glossary

Questions for Contractors

Secretary of Interior's Standards