Inside the Alliance

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Our beginnings


Lyme Horse Sheds
Lyme Horse Sheds: The Lyme Horse Sheds Restoration Committee was a winner at our first Preservation Awards in 1989.


When the organization emerged in 1985, it was called Inherit New Hampshire (INH). Many landmarks were threatened and rapid growth was beginning to erode New Hampshire communities and landscapes. A task force of business and civic leaders saw the need for an active, statewide force to advance preservation policy and address the needs of local communities and individuals, and created INH with a "common goal of encouraging respect for the special character of New Hampshire vested in its buildings, towns, landscapes and local history." Similar to other statewide organizations that formed around this time, it was buoyed by national historic preservation legislation in the 1960s and a growing environmental awareness and the nation's bicentennial in the 1970s.


First board chair: John “Chick” Colony in Harrisville
First board chair: John "Chick" Colony in Harrisville


While it is difficult not to acknowledge each individual who helped shape the organization, all agree that the early years owe much to INH's first board chair Chick Colony, the first Executive Director John Page and to Martha Fuller Clark who has remained a steadfast supporter, advisor and champion.

As INH approached the new millennium, it had raised its profile throughout the state, professionalized operations and grown its membership considerably. At this time, INH became the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance to underscore both its historic preservation mission and alliance function. As the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance membership base grew, so too did the organization's impact with programs and services to serve constituent needs. For a more detailed account of the organization's history, please click here.