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              Preserving Community Character Conference - Plymouth State University

The Preservation Alliance is the go-to place for preservation information-- whether you own an old house or barn, are caring for historic structures owned by a non-profit or municipality, or are seeking help in preserving the character of a village, town or city. These pages are divided into five sections depending on the type of property you want to get answers about. There are lots of pages and links to help you learn more and get answers to questions.

In addition to these pages, we offer workshops, tours and lectures throughout the year (see Events section).   We are always happy to provide a customized presentation for groups or community-based projects.   Our Old House and Barn Expo and statewide Preserving Community Character conference take place in the spring in alternating years.

Our field service program can provide one-on-one assistance with specific properties.   We are also available by phone or email to guide you to the appropriate consultants and contractors, furnish information about grants and fundraising, and share examples of similar successes or best-practice models to help you move forward with the right tools and techniques to complete your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information, call us at 224-2281.


Easy-reference resources to answer your questions about preservation issues.

Let us know if there's a resource sheet you'd like to see!

The following resources link to PDF files. To read a PDF, you can download a free viewer here.