For Your Older House

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 Bob Tortorice,  Berlin Better Buildings Technical Advisor, demonstrates the blower door test
to attendees at the January 12 "Air Sealing for Improved  Energy Efficiency in Your Old House" workshop .


Considering solar energy to reduce your energy costs for your older house?

Read this first:   


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    Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer looking for tips and best practices, or a home owner looking for an experienced preservation contractor, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance is here to help you with your old house. We realize that antique home ownership comes with many questions on how to care for your home, where to turn for advice and where to find old house materials and supplies. The Alliance strives to be your go-to resource to get answers and information.

Our Old House Program offers lectures, workshops and tours to support old house stewards and enthusiasts in their efforts to maintain and preserve NH’s architectural heritage. Our educational programs focus on topics such as dating your historic home, preserving your wood windows and weatherizing your older home. Click here  (and scroll down to the "Sign Me Up" section of the page) to join our Old House and Barn email network to keep informed of upcoming programs.

We encourage you to call or send an email for advice, to offer program suggestions or to share your old house stories.

Program Director - Beverly Thomas at
603-224-2281 or

Preservation Easements - what are they and how can they protect your historic house? Click here to learn more.

 Click here to find out how the age of your house compares to others in the US.